Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

Instead of paying the utility company, pay your business by owning your power, allowing you to focus on what matters. Long-term energy savings, better predictability, and a cleaner energy future for us all. We proudly deliver customized solar solutions to organizations representing a variety of industries with no capital required. We currently service all sectors.

Why Soleira

Solar Offerings

In an unpredictable energy market, stabilizing your costs is important. Favorable tax incentives and the dramatic decline in technology costs make the case for going solar stronger than ever.

The Benefits

Beyond the obvious environmental advantages, our simple energy contract makes going solar rewarding for individual businesses.

Take Control of your Commercial Electricity Bills with Solar

No upfront costs​

Avoid capital expenses - we own and operate the system.

No maintenance costs​

Avoid unforeseen charges - we maintain the system.

Secure energy price stability​

Protect your business from unpredictable prices over the long-term

Benefit from tax incentives​

Take advantage of tax incentives - we'll help you leverage the benefits.

Build reputation and achieve sustainability goals​

Position your business as environmentally-friendly

Simple contracts​

Benefit from our easy-to-understand, solar contracts

Impact on the community

From the beginning, SolarPowr has been involved with non-profit organisations and the community.

We strongly believe in keeping jobs in our local community while supporting local Aussie families and businesses and helping them save their hard earned money.