While Oil Companies are Going Down, Solar Energy Goes Up!

By: Soleira

The solar energy industry is growing with giant steps. In the latest years, solar companies have become one of the most important in the global market, changing the rules of the game for the fossil fuel industry, which has been at the top of electricity production for a long time, up to this point. 

The renewable-energy business has gained ground in hundred of countries due to several reasons: First of all, the alarming pollution rates that have emerged lately are forcing governments joined with world leaders to take action about it, this is how scientists and environmental experts have started working very hard to find more eco-friendly alternatives to change our current lifestyle that is destroying the earth. They have found that solar energy is the best alternative when it comes to electricity production and it could help to save the planet. 

Financially, solar systems might represent an incredible improvement and a great opportunity to grow, especially for families, entrepreneurs, starting companies and anyone who craves for a stable economy, since it takes monthly bills away, as well as worries about not having electric power guaranteed, particularly during difficult times when nothing is certain.

As the renewable-energy field is expanding very aggressively, fossil fuel companies have been experiencing a decline in the market, they are currently hammered by the dramatic drop in oil and gas prices due to the global pandemic we are going through because of the COVID-19 virus. This whole situation translates into a crash in the oil market; meanwhile, alternative options such as solar energy, natural gas and coal prices have not been affected economically since people are being forced to stay at home. 

Solar energy benefits are unlimited! In fact, The United States was planning for this year to obtain 21% of their electricity from solar farms, although these plans will take more than expected because of the pandemic, experts suggest that the solar energy wil continue emerging in the country during 2020. Dan Reicher, the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance at Stanford University founding executive director have declared: “Renewables are on a growth trajectory today that I think isn’t going to be set back long term.”

Crises always bring opportunities with them. We just have to be able to see them.

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