We continue working for you!

On behalf of the Soleira team, we want to express our commitment to all our customers and their well-being.  We are currently going through some tough times worldwide and now, more than ever we need to ally ourselves to fight this battle and win it. With the collaboration of each one of you, we will arise and we will become stronger. 

Your welfare is our main priority. We will not leave you alone, we’ll continue working hard by your side to face this moment together and to bring all the benefits of the solar panels to your home. This is why we have decided to continue installing and bringing a different lifestyle to all those who believe in us and solar energy, always keeping your safety and ours as the first rule. 

Here are some tips you must follow when getting installed at home: 

  1. Avoid direct contact with the installer or any member of the team. You don’t need to establish direct contact with any person while you are getting your solar system installed at home. All the job details should have been previously set by phone or email.
  1. Wash your hands with soap or alcohol-based gel for 20 seconds every two hours. This will kill the virus immediately in case you have had contact with it and prevents you from catching it.
  1. In case you need to get closer to the installer or a team member, wear a facemask or use any kind of fabric to cover your nose and mouth if you don’t have one. This will prevent you and our team to get infected.
  1. Once your system is installed, wash all the surfaces that the team had contact with soap, alcohol or chlorine. 
  1. Don’t be scared of having an installation at home. Our team is well-prepared for these cases and they count on the right equipment to keep you and your family protected from any risks. Trust them!

 This is the best time to go solar and to have guaranteed energy without the need of going out to pay bills or having constant communication with electricity inspectors. If you have doubts or want to get more information, get in touch with our team to receive personalized information, they’ll be happy to assist you and remember to follow the tips, we want you safe.