Solar Panels with designs are finally here!

If you have been worried about how solar panels would look like once they’re over your roof, this will be not an excuse no more to go solar, now that we have solar panels with designs to give solar energy an artistic touch and decorate house roofs!

A couple of young Dutch designers called Kiki & Joost have come up with the idea of decorating solar panels to give them a boost of art and help make houses look more beautiful at the same time they become greener. They have a whole collection of eight different designs specialized for both types of roof. The idea of creating designed panels is to attract more and more people to use solar energy systems meanwhile their facades are beautifully covered. 

The Dutch creators, Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk have designed a total of eight different panels so far, including designs created specifically for each type: Two of them are for roof tiles and six for facade tiles. And they all have been inspired from nature textures or built textures.

Roof tiles’ designs were inspired in copper and iron materials, with a mottled pattern and careful finish that shines suggesting jewels’ appearance when light is reflected. On the other hand, for the facade tiles, art comes more to subject. Colors are more present and most of the designs are abstract, one of them for example, is titled Paint and it emulates a brushstroke. 

Another design, called Rain has an oxidized effect and a muddy brickwork pattern, giving the impression when is already located and light reflects of shadow foliage. In contrast to one called the Acquarel, giving the appearance of a softly washed and warm color.

When it comes to facade tiles, Kiki & Joost say they’re very excited about it, since building facades have not always been taken into consideration on solar energy systems. The main idea of the artists is that solar panels become more popular and solar energy continues growing worldwide, as they expect people to become more excited about panels that not only produce energy but also make their homes more beautiful.

“While we are magically turning sunlight into electricity, we’ll also thankfully make the world more beautiful,” said one of the young couple who also claims to incorporate these panels in their studio. Kiki & Joost have definitely given solar energy a twist!

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