Solar Energy: Going Curious

By: Soleira

Solar energy is probably on it’s highest level of popularity and it has reached a point where it seems there is no other option than using a solar energy system. Which is due to several reasons; mainly because of the costs savings on monthly electricity bills, (you can save thousands of dollars per year by just using solar panels at home), also  because of they have a green technology that will not cause any impact on the environment and last but not less important, the simplicity of the system results captivating.

This new tendency has come to stay, and it is rapidly growing worldwide, which might have you thinking about getting solar panels immediately. But, before you make a decision, it is important that you know everything about this technology. You can catch up with solar energy with the following facts that you might not know about going solar: 

– It is impossible to run out of sources to produce solar energy! (at least for the following 5 thousand years). As long as we have the sun, despite there’s no much sunlight available, solar systems will continue working.

– Even though the sun is placed 90 million miles from the Earth, it’s light will take to hit our planet only ten minutes.

– When it comes to solar technology, this can be divided into two groups: Active and passive technologies. The one that is in charge of producing energy is active, meanwhile into passive technology examples we can find constructing rooms which function is to improve air circulation or use of sunlight.

– At least 70% of the energy coming from the sun reflected on the air is absorbed by oceans, clouds, and landmasses. The 30% left is reflected back to space.

– Solar energy doesn’t only work for electricity production, it has other functions such as helping on the photosynthesis process, by helping green plants into chemical energy used for the generation of fossil fuels.

– Another use of solar energy is purifying and making waste or saline water potable. This water can be treated by only implementing solar energy, without the need of chemicals or difficult processes. 

– Putting wet clothes to dry by exposing them to the sun is the oldest use of solar energy.

– Solar energy it’s 100% pollution-free.

– Several countries use solar energy in their space missions to power spaceships.

– Solar energy could be used for any electrical device.

– A solar system doesn’t only have solar panels, it also includes other complements such as inverters, a battery,  charge regulator, wiring and other implements that help the panel to convert energy.

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