Solar Energy Demands has Increased with Pandemia

By: Soleira

We are currently going through times when the main priority for every family is to keep safe and sound. Many countries have set a lockdown or quarantine to maintain their citizen’s health. Even though these decisions are necessary to ensure public health, it also means the need to guarantee basic services such as food, medicines, and electricity.

Due to this reason, solar energy field has experienced a huge increase in panels demand, “I think consumers are feeling really concerned about what the future holds and when it comes to energy and power. That’s an uncertainty, and when you install solar panels into your home that gives you energy independence.” Said Ben Brookhart, founder of a solar energy company.

Getting solar panels installed at home represents not only relief in terms of the economy since it takes out the worry of monthly bills, but also will create independence from any power failure. 

When it comes to sanitary regulations, solar energy is considered an essential business, which means it will be allowed to continue working despite the lockdown, as long as installation companies and installer teams will meet the requirements to proceed with the job. 

In other words, every worker must wear safety accessories such as gloves, masks and special suits. In addition to regulatory behavior like social distancing from at least 3 meters, no physical contact with customers and proper cleaning of the site before and after the installation process. 

Solar energy will give you a chance to experience the world from another perspective, now you are the one who needs to give it an opportunity. We want you to be safe and we want to stay with you during this difficult process for everyone. 

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