Solar Energy, beneficial for your pocket as for your health!

By: SolarPowr

“Use of solar energy is near a solution” read the New York Times headline on April the 4th of 1931. Nowadays, nearly 90 years later, millions of people around the world get their electricity generated by solar panels. Being a massive success regarding saving money and offering a high-quality service, solar energy has proven that renewable energy is not only affordable but highly beneficial as well.

But are there any other benefits concerning anything else apart from the economy? Well, in this article we will talk about benefits regarding health.

That’s absolutely right, solar energy can represent a huge benefit for your health, improving your way of life by not producing little to no environmental damage. One of the advantages of solar energy is it results in very few air pollutants. According to an analysis by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) In the U.S.A. “Widespread solar adoption would significantly reduce nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter emissions”, all of which can cause health problems. The analysis also found that, among other health benefits, solar power results in fewer cases of chronic bronchitis, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, and lost workdays related to health issues.

The benefits of solar energy are clear. Not only can you save money on your electricity bills, but also you can improve your health and the health of those around you. Not to mention that you would also reduce your carbon footprint, helping the planet. So do not wait any longer and make the change. Go Solar with us and you will notice the difference right away.