Simple Ways to Save Energy at Home

By: Soleira

Saving energy at home is very simple and way easier than most people expect. Nevertheless, these small actions might have a huge impact on the environment and also in your pocket, which is not bad at all.

It is wrongly believed that saving energy requires a lot of sacrifices and it will make you turn your life upside down because you won’t be able to do the same things you were used to doing or you won’t be able to do some activities such as watching movies in your free time. But the truth is you can take small steps to reach big goals and you won’t even notice the difference. Here are some simple changes you can make in your daily routine to save energy at home:

Replace your light bulbs with frequency

Light bulbs require higher electricity consumption when they have less power. Their energy might increase by 25% to 80%. This simple, yet helpful task will make you save a lot of money per year.

Use cold water to wash your clothes

Did you know that at least 90% of the electricity used by the washing machine is to heat the water? Washing your clothes not only will make you save a huge quantity of energy, but also will clean it as well as hot water does. 

Do not stand in front of the refrigerator with the door open

Temperature appliances use more electric energy when they face a sudden change in temperature, plus that by doing this you are taking the risk of spoiling the product.

Remember to clean your appliances often

Keeping filters super clean and completely out of dust and other particles will make your appliances have better performance while using less power energy.

Do not open the oven door too often while cooking

Each time you open the oven’s door, the temperature decreases at least 25% which needs to recover very quickly in order to obtain good results. It requires a lot of electricity to increase the temperature of an environment, even if is a small one such as an oven.

Try using more natural light in your house!

Sometimes we forget about how nice the natural environment is, try working using more natural light, open the windows and curtains of your house for a while and take a rest from light bulbs and air conditioners. You will not only save a lot of energy but also you will feel better!

Including these small habits in your daily life will not affect your routine in a dramatic way and will not make you waste time or money. But it will create a huge impact on the environment and your finances in the medium term. In case you are interested in saving even more energy and come to the green side, get in touch with us and our customer service team will be happy to explain to you the magic of solar energy.