Questions and Answers Explained About Going Solar!

By: Soleira

Is it very probable that you have heard about solar energy but still be a bit confused about how it all works? Even though the solar is a system pretty simple, many things might be a little hard to understand at first, or maybe you just want to know how getting solar panels installed at home will change your life, and it’s totally fine! 

Having all the information as possible about a specific subject will make us make better decisions, that’s why we have decided to write this post about the most frequent questions and answers about solar systems. Remember if you are still feeling doubtful about it, you can get in touch with our customer’s service team and they’ll provide all the information you need to know. 

So, let’s start! Most common questions about solar systems and their explanations:

  1. How does the system work?

This is probably the most common and important question of all! Understanding how does the system work will give you a clear view of the whole thing and it’ll help you to know what to expect of your panels so you won’t be scammed.

The solar system has an actually pretty easy functioning. It all starts with the panels which are full of conductive materials. When the rays from the sun get in touch with these materials, they create what’s called “direct current (DC) electricity.”

The energy we normally use at home is alternating current (AC) electricity, this is why an inverter is needed in the system. The DC energy will pass through the inverter and this will change it to AC energy to send it after to your house and it’s usable for you and your family.

  1. Is solar energy capable of totally powering my home or business? Is the investment-worthy it?

All you need to have your solar system functioning and producing electricity for you is the sun! The sun is probably one of the few things we have that are completely constant and assured for the next 5,000 years at least. The only time when your system is not producing electricity is at night while the sun is not out, but you don’t have to worry about it because you can still use the energy that was produced earlier!

  1. My solar system will only work on shinning days and it’ll be useless during cloudy days?

Absolutely not. It is wrongly believed that solar panels require strong rays from the sun to have a well performance. The actual truth is your panels don’t need sunshine, even when the day is cloudy and it seems there’s almost no sun, the rays are still there; and this is all your panels need to produce electricity.

In fact, solar panels can’t be exposed to high temperatures since their functioning will be affected.

Did you find the information you needed in this post? You have no excuses to give your life a switch, you need to go solar immediately! We can assure you won’t regret it!