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Myths About Solar Panels

By: Soleira Despite solar energy is becoming a global option for electricity production, there are still many people that refuse to take this alternative, due to many reasons that in most cases are do not interfere with solar systems. The main reason why people are taking negative positions against solar panels is because of a …

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Coronavirus Outbreak is Hitting Solar Energy.

By: Soleira Coronavirus outbreak has not only made an impact on the social and medical environment but also technology. And it’s now starting to affect solar energy development outside China, interrupting solar energy projects in countries that held commercial relationships with the Asian nation, such as India and Australia. The crisis first started with the …

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Solar Energy: Going Curious

By: Soleira Solar energy is probably on it’s highest level of popularity and it has reached a point where it seems there is no other option than using a solar energy system. Which is due to several reasons; mainly because of the costs savings on monthly electricity bills, (you can save thousands of dollars per …

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