North Korea’s Wedding Gifts are Changing Thanks to Solar Panels

North Korea is rapidly becoming an important solar energy user. Each day tons of homes are replacing their non-renewable energy sources for solar panels, and this can be noted in simple aspects of their daily culture, such as wedding gifts. 

In recent times, 70 percent of gifts that a bride receives are electrical household appliances, due to monthly savings on electricity bills as a result of implying solar panels to generate energy. 

Solar panels are capable of producing enough energy to power gadgets with 50 to 250 watts of performance volumes, including small and simple devices such as a phone charger or a reading lamp, and also gadgets with bigger performance volumes like a washing machine or a refrigerator. This fact allows families to have more electrical devices at home, without having to worry about costly bills each month.

Therefore; household appliances such as electrical rice cookers, TVs, fans, among others, are becoming more and more popular as wedding gifts and their value actually raised in comparison to a few years earlier. However, people seem to be willing to uphold this tradition for a bit longer. 

Since solar panels cost is significantly low compared to monthly bill expenses, this is an awesome way to help and support the couple in their new life. A North-Korean source said to a solar energy magazine: “Times have changed since the early 2000s, when brides were still satisfied with a single electric rice cooker, households that sell good will send two, three or even more electronic appliances as gifts for their daughters when they’re getting married.”

He also explained: “Wealthier homes will acquire at least five kinds of high-quality devices such as mobile phones, refrigerators, LCD TVs, pots and fans for wedding gifts and depending on their preferences, they might also purchase electronic devices for beauty treatments.” The number of people purchasing electronics for the just-married has increased since solar panels have become more and more popular in the nation. 

Solar energy is causing people improving their life quality and it’s also getting them to explore a new lifestyle based on the use of electricity without any kind of restrictions or limitations because of their finances of environmental issues. 

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