Melbourne, The Renewable Energy Capital.

By: Soleira

Are you located in Melbourne and want to get more information about how is solar energy in this area? You have reached the correct place! Here you’ll find everything related to solar panels systems in Melbourne, or “The Renewable Energy Capital” as it is called.  

This area is actually pretty great for solar energy. This is why Melbourne has become the first Australian city to use 100% of renewable energy in residences and businesses.  But why is this? First of all, is due to the quantity of sunlight that Melbourne receives. An average home will consume an estimate of 18kWh of electricity per day, which is very close to the quantity of electricity that a 5kw system will provide daily. 

If the amount of electricity needed is less than 18kWh, there are other excellent options to supply it, such as the 3kW and 4kW systems,  that are able to generate 10.8kWh to 14.4kWh of energy in a day. These numbers can be reached if the solar system is placed correctly. Here are some tips to maximize the energy production of your panels:

– An optimal panel angle.

The angle of a solar panel should be the same as the latitude of the city, in the case of Melbourne the angle of the system should be of 37.8°. Although, there are many houses, in special federation style houses that have a roof with an inclination of 45° which is also excellent to capture sunlight during the winter. 

– The orientation of the panel.

For Australian cities, it is highly recommended to place their solar systems on a rooftop that faces the north. This way the panel will receive more and better sunshine, which means a higher energy production. Nevertheless, it all depends on the power use of your home. If the house has a tendency of energy consumption during the morning of the afternoon, a panel facing east or west will be also positive. 

– Shading issues.

In Melbourne, the only way shading can interrupt in solar systems is because of infrastructures or trees. In these cases, microinverters are used to optimize the sunlight reflection of the panel so shading doesn’t become a problem in energy production.

These are the basic tips to obtain an excellent level of efficiency from your panels if you are located in Melbourne. If you still have some doubts about your solar panels you can ask us! And remember to follow us on social media to receive more useful information about solar energy.