Latin America Will Have Its First Solar Train

Solar energy is becoming reality worldwide, and Latin America is not stepping behind, now that it has its first train run entirely by solar energy. This train will connect Argentina to Peru, with a touristic route of 300 km in order to push forward tourism between the two countries which now will be closer to each other.

This new advance is not only meaningful to Latin America but the whole world as well, since it’s the second solar-powered train line worldwide after Australia launched a 3 km route run by solar energy in Byron Bay. 

The construction of the railroad started in February 2019 and was expected to be finished in August of the same year. The first phase length will be 80 km approximately, connecting Argentina from San Salvador de Jujuy to the border of Bolivia, La Quiaca. According to those in charge, the final destination of the train will be Cusco, the Peruvian city and the natural monument Machu Picchu. 

The “La Quebrada Train” is not going to be too large. It’s going to be composed of a motor car and one carriage, and it is going to have an estimate of 240 passengers of capacity. The trip starts in the Volcan and finishing in Maimara will last at least 3 hours, since it’s touristic, the average speed it will run is 30 kilometers per hour. 

Engineers in charge of the construction of the first solar-powered train made in Australia are actively participating in this project too. They assure it is “the most ambitious project about solar-powered transportation ever made”. Counting on this to have an impact on the solar energy field.

“The train will make three round trips per day, each station will be related to Jujuy’s gastronomy, culture and carnivals.” One of the project’s developers assure. Also, La Quiaca executive body’s director, Pablo Rodriguez Messina declared: “We believe the train will have approximately 230,000 users each year. We hope that in addition to the passengers, another 50,000 people will benefit from economic activities that will develop thanks to the train.” 

The “La Quebrada Train” project will have an impact not only on solar energy issues but will also contribute to a cleaner environment and non-polluted energy generators.

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