How to Improve your Solar Panels Performance

Are you currently planning to go solar or do you have a system installed already but want to get the best performance possible from your panels? In this article, you will find out some tips to improve your solar panel’s functioning in order to receive as much energy as possible! Remember that as any device, they require some maintenance (which is very easy and affordable to do). 

Solar panels represent a great investment that will not only decrease the impact of energy production on the environment but also will make you save a lot of money on monthly electricity bills. That’s why it is so highly important to keep their functioning levels on the highest in order to receive as much productivity as possible. But, how can I do that? Easy! Just follow the next tips: 

  • Make sure your panel is placed correctly

The positioning of the panels is the key to the effectiveness of the system. Some aspects such as the roof design and orientation of the panels are highly important and they will depend on things like how many hours of sunlight the place receives during the day and location. The installer should elevate them a few centimeters off in the order they are able to receive the sunlight directly. 

On the other hand, it is recommended to add a ventilation system as well. To make sure it will always be a constant airflow when the panels are mounted. It could be some fans or water evaporative cooling.

  • Try to avoid shade on panels

Before a solar energy system is going to be installed, it’s needed to verify and assess how is the shading on the place is going to be placed. If one of the panels is installed on a shaded area, this will stop it from working on a string with the rest of the panels, decreasing the energy production. In case there’s no way to avoid it, the use of an optimizer will be major. A team of experts should evaluate this kind of issues before installation.

  • Panels maintenance

Solar energy systems are recommended to be cleaned up every 2 years, so this way they can improve their sunlight absorption which means that they will be able to produce more electricity, in addition to the fact that cleaning the panels will avoid having any residue or element on the surface that could be limiting the power production process. 

Some of the recommendations when it comes to panels cleaning are, first of all, trying not to hose down the device when the temperature is too hot. If the panel receives a sudden shock of cold water meanwhile its temperature levels are too high, it could produce a glass crack and completely ruin your panel. Also, if you want to take off the snow of the surface do not try to get it off on your own; instead, slide it off on its own and the snowflakes will fall. Or you can ask a professional to do it for you. 

Solar panels don’t require a lot of maintenance or aery expensive one. All you need to do to take care of your panel is making sure it is in the right environment and with the proper requirements. You can bet your solar system is going to last almost a lifetime!

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