How to Get Free Home Solar Power

You might have seen the commercials on the TV and the internet for free home solar systems and thought; “ah come on, nothing is ever free, what’s the catch?” Well… In the case of home solar panels in many cases there is no catch! You can actually get solar panels installed on your home at absolutely no charge to you.

That’s not all, not only can you get solar UIpanels installed for free you also get dramatically reduced monthly electricity bills with fixed rates for as long as 25 years. But wait, there’s more! The free solar panels installed on your home are warrantied, monitored and maintained by us at no charge to you, for as long as 25 years.

So, how do free solar panels work?

Virtually all homes and businesses in Australia purchase their power from the electricity grid through an electricity retailer. Having a solar PV system essentially enables a home or business to bypass electricity retailers when the sun is shining (and even when it’s not for those who have batteries). 

What are the benefits?

Here we list some of the main reasons to go solar for $0 out of pocket:

  • No upfront cost to install a solar PV system
  • Purchase electricity at a low, set or an inflation-adjusted rate
  • Rates are agreed upon at the outset of a 20 year contract term
  • No liability for the performance of the system–warranties, repairs, system performance are all the responsibility of the scheme operator.

So, stop thinking about it and make the change. Go solar for $0 and begin to save both, the environment and your pocket!