How to choose your Solar Energy provider?

By: SolarPowr

Right now, Solar Energy is really popular. People are realising all of the benefits it brings with it and many are making the change for clean energy. This also means that there are new energy companies that provide the service. So, how do you choose a company to be your provider? What should you consider? How do you know what the best option is? Well, these are the most important things to take into account when making the choice:

  1. Coverage: It is really important that the company you decide to install your panels counts with the required infrastructure to act fast, efficiently and effectively in case there is a problem with your system.
  2. Customer support: The company must offer remarkable service and solve each and every single doubt you may have, from the pricing moment until the post-selling customer support.
  3. Guarantee: The provider must guarantee by a written contract that the panels and their components will, in fact, generate power and work correctly.
  4. Monitoring: It is essential for you that the service that you get includes a monitoring system, either through an app on your cell phone or through the internet, so you can check out in live time how your panels are working.
  5. Payment methods: This is another crucial point for you to consider. It is really important that the company offers you different payment methods that suit you and adapt to your needs.
  6. Number of clients: The provider must have a large client base with a positive n order to show it is safe to choose them.
  7. Price-value relationship: Finally, you need to compare and evaluate all of your opinions. Choose the one that better suits your economy and supplies all the energy you use. But most importantly is that you choose the one that offers you the service you need and deserve.

Here at SolarPowr we want to help you to follow these steps so you can take the best decision. Contact if you want to know more about our services.

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