How Many Solar Panels are Needed to Power a House?

To have a home that is completely powered by solar energy there are some steps needed. The first thing you need to consider is how much solar energy you want to receive. Second, is it to power your house completely? or only as a backup for your conventional source of energy. Once you are sure about this,  you can start to think about how many solar panels your system will need.

The amount of electricity produced will depend on the size of your solar system. The larger the system, the more energy your home will receive. But there are several factors involved to determine this step, such as: How much electricity you’re currently using, how is the climate and the shading at home, sunlight peak and the size and power of the panels that will be used.

After you’ve realized what is the purpose for your solar system, the next step you should take is checking the energy usage of your home. You can look at past electricity bills and based on this, it is easier to know how large your system needs to be.

 Also, you can calculate how many panels are required by just multiplying your energy consumption per hour (which can be calculated by dividing the monthly amount enter 30) by hours of sunlight peak in your area and then dividing this by the panel’s wattage. To establish a range, you can use the wattage of a low-performance panel (150W) and a high-performance one (370W). 

Taking into consideration factors like shading, sunlight peak hours and roof size of the house. It is highly important to keep this in mind since they might increase or decrease the panel efficiency. Therefore, a larger or smaller system it’s needed.

In case your rooftop is small or its shape is not very usual, the number and size of the panels are strictly important. On the other hand, it is recommended to get a professional to evaluate these aspects, this is the only way to be completely sure about what’s exactly what you need and not letting any detail escape. 

Once you have taken the decision of installing a solar system at your residence or business, make contact with a trustable solar company to get an installer to evaluate your place, and try to get informed as much as you can about the subject, this way you’ll be totally aware of what is going on.

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