Helpful apps to save energy

There is one question that always comes through our minds when it is time to pay our electricity bills: “What have I been using energy for?”. 

We might even bet that you have wondered if there is an easier way to check what is consuming more energy in your house. Luckily for you, and thanks to the advances in technology, there could not be the easiest way to look where is all of your electricity headings. All this by just moving a finger.

Yes, we are talking about apps to check out your house’s energy consumption. Here we introduce you to some apps that will keep you updated on this topic:

  • Wattio: it is an app for iPhone that joins the hardware and software to analyze the energetic spending, either in a company or at home, and suggest useful tips that will help you save energy.
  • MyUse: Another iPhone app that helps its users to save energy. But not only helps with electricity, it also has tips to take full advantage of gas and water service.
  • Home Energy Performance Pro: An Android app that, based on specific questions, allows you to point out the weak isolation points at home that generate carbon prints, and also helps you to label your house according to your energy-saving program.
  • Energy Efficient Home: App that invites you to improve your energy consumption habits at home. This app focuses on the habit that many people have of leaving their devices on Standby, causing a huge waste of energy and money.
  • Standby Check: It is an energy detective and lets you evaluate your saving energy levels when decreasing the use of Standby mode on home appliances. 

These are some of the most known energy-saving apps. As you can see, there are several technological tools that might help you with the effort of saving energy, it is up to you to take some action, make the change and help the planet. And you may even save some money in the process!