Free Solar For Low Income Households

By: Soleira

The Berejiklian Government’s Solar for Low Income Households Trial, first announced last year, is now under way.

The trial involves eligible low-income households in selected regions of the state choosing to swap their Low Income Household Rebate for ten years for a solar power system.

It will provide 3,000 households with a 3kW solar power system

The regions where the program will operate are:

  • Central Coast
  • North Coast
  • Sydney – South
  • Illawarra – Shoalhaven
  • South Coast

Among the other eligibility criteria, applicants must:

  • hold a valid Pensioner Concession or Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold card.
  • own their home.
  • not have a solar power system already installed.
  • not live in a retirement village or strata building.
  • use at 3,600 kilowatt- hours of electricity in a year.

Participants will miss out on receiving their Low Income Household Rebate for 10 years, which is currently a $285 annual discount on their electricity bills. However, the New South Wales Government says the average electricity bill savings from the solar systems are expected to be approximately $600 per household per year. That seems a bit conservative for a 3kW system, but it is an average and the level of savings will vary depending on installation specifics and household energy consumption profile.