Floating Solar Panels, the New Trend in Solar Energy.

Solar energy is a technology that hasn’t been fully developed. Scientist continue working day by day to improve this way of power energy production in order to make non-renewable sources the first option of getting electricity. And the newest discovery is floating solar panels, panels that don’t need to be attached to ground to work.

This trend of floating solar panels it’s been introduced a few years ago, but it was only employed in experiments or very small installations. It was never used in large projects, everyone was afraid of developing a major installation that included floating solar panels.  Until 2018, the year when the largest North America’s floating solar plant was created. 

This floating solar plant is placed in Sayreville in New Jersey, and it was created due to the requirement of enormous amounts of electricity to power the treatment of the water that supplies the town. 

Since a major amount of electricity was needed, local officers decided to install a solar plant to produce energy. But there was a problem; the lagoon that contains the town’s water supply was surrounded by one of the biggest preserve of oak spruce and maple trees, with at least 400 acres of woodland. And if they wanted to install a solar energy plant big enough to produce the required amount of electricity to power the water treatment, they needed to clear 15 acres of trees, which it wasn’t a ‘very green idea’, as one of the consulting engineers related to the project said.

Engineers found out about a solar panel installation placed in California’s Napa Valley and they found the inspiration needed to start the project. The work for a floating solar plant of 4.4 megawatts finished in October of 2019, and is currently the largest of this kind in North America. 

Now, a huge and glimmering grid containing 12,000 panels is above the lagoon. It is expected that this project saves 1$ million approximately in electricity costs for the next 15 years. In addition to the significant reduction of the impact made to the environment. It is thought that floating solar panels will become a trendsetter on the electricity production field, enabling even more spaces to employ solar energy.

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