Coronavirus Outbreak is Hitting Solar Energy.

By: Soleira

Coronavirus outbreak has not only made an impact on the social and medical environment but also technology. And it’s now starting to affect solar energy development outside China, interrupting solar energy projects in countries that held commercial relationships with the Asian nation, such as India and Australia.

The crisis first started with the oil sector, causing an oil demand depression in one of the most important oil importers worldwide, China. Then, it hit solar energy. Factories who produced panels and other devices needed for solar systems had shutdowns, issues with exportations, delays in materials shipments and so on; affecting third countries who had their supplies with China. 

The consequences were not only seen at home’s installations but also in big government projects in Asia. India, for example, has been forced to postpone major solar projects they were planning to develop in the current year mainly because delays in imported materials due to the outbreak of the virus, as Indian executives declared.

The reason why India has been this affected is that 90% of the importations of products and materials needed for solar systems come from China and Malaysia, which is taking the country to a crisis in the solar energy field. Not only India, but any buyer who constantly required of a Chinese piece or material related to solar power and who was used to receive the merchandise in weeks will now notice the delay on the shipments, in case they are happening.

On the other hand, countries like Australia, who’s an important buyer of Chinese merchandise, has been warned about current difficulties and it has to look forward other suppliers are able to meet their demand of materials such as panels and other important devices like inverters, in order to continue working with solar energy systems.

It is expected that the issue continues as long as the outbreak is hitting. China is an incredibly important supplier in the solar field and the consequences will be noticed worldwide. Although this doesn’t mean solar installations will be stopped until Coronavirus disappears, it will make some changes about time and materials that will be used. Experts recommend the rest of the countries to take action just like Australian companies are currently doing, searching for other options meanwhile the situations continue. The problem will also affect factories outside China and the Asian continent, which uses Chinese imports to manufacture other devices. 

Either way; countries, factories, and organizations around the world are working together in order to accomplish finishing all projects related to solar energy and trying to reduce consequences as much as possible. 

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