Electricity System

What are Tier 1 Panels?

By: Soleira You had probably heard before the solar-related term “Tier 1 panels”, which is highly used per solar companies as a reference of quality for their products. But, is this its actual meaning? Let’s see what is its proper use.  In the first place, the term has been incorrectly taken by many solar companies …

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Advances in Solar Energy technology

As time passes by, technology has to make improvements in order to keep up with the new demands of the market, and most importantly, the customer. Rewablele energy is not exempt from these changes. Solar energy is constantly developing new ways to become more cost-effective, efficient and reliable as a source of power.  Since the …

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Hydrogen Action Plan

The Marshall Government wants to see SA leveraging its wind, solar energy and land resources, infrastructure and skills to be a world-class renewable hydrogen supplier. South Australia’s Marshall Government has taken the wraps off its plan for making the state a major green hydrogen producer and exporter. To be formally launched on September 24th at …

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Performance of Solar Metal constantly improving

The metal used for solar panels, known as cadmium telluride (CdTe) has shown significantly improvements in terms of efficiency, but why? Solar panels use CdTe as thin-film solar cells that catches the radiation that then is converted into energy. Researchers from Colorado State University (CSU) have found that these material works better by adding Selenium …

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Does renewable energy really have an impact?

Recently, renewable energy seems to be on vogue. Being wind turbines and solar panels the most popular choice when opting for this type of energy. But why is people changing their minds about their ways of generating electricity?

How big of a deal is solar energy in Australia ?

It is no secret to anyone that, with the passing of the years, the ways of generating energy have changed. Being solar energy one of the biggest game changers for the matter.