Cars of the Future Will Have Solar Panels Included.

By: Soleira

A German company has decided to create cars with solar panels included in order to be self-charging. The idea has come as revolutionary in the car manufacturing industry, but it has a few skeptical analysts. 

The Munich-based company declared they are currently working on creating a new car with a solar system included that it’s constantly producing electricity to power the vehicle. The German brand is expected to start selling the self-charging vehicles powered with solar panels in the year 2022. Although more than 13 thousand people have bet for solar energy and they already pre-ordered them. 

The company representatives claim the effectivity of the car will last at least to run 20 miles per day in the best of scenarios in a city placed in a country like Germany. Nevertheless, these numbers can vary depending on how the weather is, the season and other environmental issues. 

The assembly process will start in September 2021 in a city called Trollhättan in Sweden, by the Saab factory. The reason why the company is holding a fundraising campaign that has collected €53.3 million so far, is to allow the company to create the first prototype and thus being able to test all its functions.

This new creation will be called “The Sion”, and its main characteristic is that it will contain in its body a battery of 35 kilowatt with no less of 190 prismatic lithium-ion cells and other materials. The company estimates that with a single charged the car will be able to run 255 kilometers or 159 miles. In addition, the battery will take only 30 minutes in recharging up to 80 percent in a fast-charger station.

A distinguished and elegant design will be combined with the efficiency of a solar system, in addition to other functions such as bidirectional charging, which consists of the capacity of storage battery and charging electronic devices. It will also have a purifying system and of course, a solar system based on several solar panels with at least 250 solar cells placed on the external surface of the car and ready to produce power energy from the sunlight.

It is a giant ambitious idea that has won a lot of analysts to focus on the new creation. Despite the skeptical opinions that have shown, German scientists continue working on increasing the functioning levels of the car until it’s released.

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