Advances in Solar Energy Technology

By: SolarPowr

As time passes by, technology has to make improvements in order to keep up with the new demands of the market, and most importantly, the customer. Renewable energy is not excent from these changes. Solar energy is constantly developing new ways to become more cost-effective, efficient and reliable as a source of power.

Since the goal of solar energy is replacing fossil fuels as a source of power, solar power plants must be capable and efficient to match the electrical output of nonrenewable energy sources.

So, what can be done to improve solar power systems?

Researchers have professed on a new technology based on sCO² (supercritical carbon dioxide, which is a liquid version of carbon dioxide) that could reduce electricity and manufacturing costs and result in greater efficiency for future power plants.

This technology is inspired by hybrid cars, which use significantly smaller solar panels to function, but how do they work?

Well, the panels absorb thermal energy and then channel the heat into a fluid-filled converter called “the heat exchanger”, after this, sCO² acts like a medium on this process of converting the energy.  So, the hotter the fluid, the more energy production.

Researchers have created a new composite made out of ceramic and tungsten (a refractory metal that can withstand over 750°C), and think that the leap in the absorption of heat could increase the efficiency of generating electricity in integrated solar and sCO² power plants by 20%.

The low production costs of the composite, as its durability could not only enhance the energy output, but could also help cut down the expense of constructing and maintaining power plants.

The implications of this innovation are said to stretch far into the future of research and industry.

Technology is constantly improving, and so is solar energy. For there will always be a better way and a new idea for making life more comfortable, affordable and helping the environment along the way. We hope that we have given you a different picture of this topic. Please, leave us a comment and tell us which subject would you want us to talk about. SolarPowr is here to listen to you! 🙂