8 Facts About Solar Panels That You Probably Didn’t Know

Every day millions of people are changing their way to get the energy to power their home or business. Since we are getting more and more dependant on non-renewable sources of energy, and these are getting more expensive and harder to get, both common people and governments have been forced to find a new and more sustainable way to produce energy. This is how solar energy has been welcomed to the life of thousands.

The main reason why solar energy has been a game-changer in the field of power source is not the one you’re probably thinking about: money. Certainly, obtaining power energy from a renewable and completely natural source is great to save money, but actually, the best thing about solar energy is that it does not produce any types of pollutants, this is why it is considered one of the cleanest source of energy that it can exist. If you still cannot believe how awesome and low-risk this technology is, here are some facts about solar energy for you:

  1. Did you know that an airplane can be totally able to fly around the globe by just using solar energy? You probably knew about electric cars and trains run by solar energy, but you probably haven’t heard about airplanes as well. In fact, the first airplane that flew completely powered by solar energy was in 2016 and it was called Solar Impulse II. 
  2. Did you know that 70% of the radiation we receive from the sun is absorbed by oceans, landmasses and clouds? The rest of this energy is reflected back when it gets to the point of the upper atmosphere and the power is calculated to be of 174 Petawatts.
  3. We use solar energy every single day without being aware of it! And one simple but certain example is a pair of wet jeans being dried by the sun after washing.
  4. When a natural disaster occurs, we are very highly to run out of electricity. But actually, solar energy is the most trustable source of power, since it’s easiest and cheapest for authorities to repair or build.
  5. Oil is originated thanks to solar energy! The photosynthesis process occurs thanks to the solar energy that green plants convert into chemical energy, needed to create fossil fuels. 
  6. It is possible to make potable and saline water by using solar energy! Wasted water can be treated so it can be potable or saline, and it is possible (and more efficient) if it’s done by using solar energy. Chemicals are not needed!
  7.  Even when the Sun is miles and miles away from the Earth, its energy arrives to our planet in only 8 minutes! And in a couple of seconds more it’s absorbed by photovoltaic cells.
  8. Going solar is great for your pocket as well! Having solar panels producing energy to your home or business is low-cost since it does not require frequent maintenance and the best of all: you don’t need to worry about bills each month!  

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