5 Things you Probably didn’t Know About Solar Energy

Solar energy is a science that is undergoing continual change. Due to its rapid growth in modern society, electric scientists and engineers have been in the need of creating new advances in this area in order to improve its functionality to finally create a worldwide system completely based on renewable energy.

These continuous changes might be the reason why there are many people who are still full of doubts about solar energy and panels installation, doubts that hold them from making a decision that might change their lifestyle in a whole new direction! So here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about solar energy and you definitely have to be aware of: 

Solar energy is not only the most powerful energy on earth but also the most abundant. The Earth receives at least 173.000 terawatts of solar energy constantly, which can also be represented as 10,000 times more of the total world’s energy use.

The space industry was a pioneer in solar energy methods. This field was the very first one in employing solar energy technology in their spacecraft. The first artificial earth satellite powered with solar energy was called The Vanguard 1. 

In 2019, the USA increased its numbers of solar energy users 23 times more, which is at an all-time high and being able to provide electricity enough to power at least 5.4 million homes. EEUU now owns the third place in worldwide solar energy users and it might take second place very soon.

Since solar energy is replacing conventional non-renewable energy sources, its price is decreasing very quickly. This means that now it is more affordable for an average family to install a solar system at home, in contrast to a few years before.

The world’s largest operating solar thermal energy plant is placed in California, in a desert called the Mojave Desert. This plant is able to store non-used energy in the system after time after receiving solar energy directly. 

Solar energy is a revolutionary technology that will lead the electricity world very soon. Would you like to receive any specific information about solar panels? Tell us about it! Leave a comment and follow us on our social pages.