How big of a deal is solar energy in Australia ?

It is no secret to anyone that, with the passing of the years, the ways of generating energy have changed. Being solar energy one of the biggest game changers for the matter.

What you need to know about Solar Panels.

First of all, you have to understand how a solar panel works and the magic that exists between a ray of sun and its conversion into electricity. In this blog you will discover what you need to know about solar panels so you can have a wider vision of going solar in Australia.

Transparent Solar Panels Could Turn Windows Into Power Generators

A huge step in solar energy technology is about to be taken! Scientists from the University of Michigan have developed a solar panel that is completely transparent and could be used in buildings as windows at the same time they’re producing energy. This advance represents what it could be the beginning of a new era …

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How long do Solar Panels last?

Many people are full of doubts before going solar, and it is completely understandable. Solar energy is a whole new technology for some of us and we want to make sure that we are investing our money smartly, and the first question that always comes to mind is: how long is this going to last? …

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Taking the waves

By: Soleira The Wave, the UK’s first surf lake, opened in Bristol on the weekend.  Using Wavegarden Cove technology, the 180-metre long lagoon’s wave generator is capable of creating up to 1,000 waves per hour ranging from 50cm to almost 2m in height. Under normal operations, a new wave will be generated every 8-10 seconds. …

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Gas emissions to decline in Australia

By: Soleira Professor Andrew Blakers and Dr Matthew Stocks from the Australian National University (ANU) say the country’s greenhouse gas emissions are peaking at approximately 540 Megatonnes (MT) of CO2-equivalent per year and are expected to decline by 3-4% over 2020-2022. “The reason is that Australia’s world-leading per-capita rate of deployment of solar and wind …

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Big Solar home’s results

By: Soleira Victoria’s Andrews Labor Government is claiming major success with its Solar Homes program – particularly on the PV side of things. “The latest figures show that Solar Homes has been overwhelmingly popular and Victorians in every part of the state are rushing to be part of the switch to cleaner, cheaper energy,” said …

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Free Solar For Low Income Households

By: Soleira The Berejiklian Government’s Solar for Low Income Households Trial, first announced last year, is now under way. The trial involves eligible low-income households in selected regions of the state choosing to swap their Low Income Household Rebate for ten years for a solar power system. It will provide 3,000 households with a 3kW …

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Australia Climate Emergency Petition

By: Soleira. A petition calling on the House of Representatives to a declare a climate emergency attracted hundreds of thousands of signatures, but a recent motion in Parliament failed. The petition request closed at midnight last night with 370,004 signatures; with more than 17,000 signatures added since we mentioned the petition yesterday. It sought not …

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Australian Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Standard Released

By: Soleira. A standard covering new battery installations in Australia was published by Standards Australia last week – and while a lot of work has been done since the draft, some aren’t happy with the final product. “AS/NZS 5139:2019 – Electrical installations – Safety of battery systems for use with power conversion equipment” sets out …

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