Why Soleira

We know you are considering other solar companies to see what they can offer you. So here we we will explain to you everything that we do differently – and important things you should know to avoid a bad experience.

Let’s start with who we are

Soleira is an innovative solar company that has stood out in the market for successfully guiding many Aussie families to lower their bills, reduce their carbon footprint control their electricity usage whose founders have a combined experience of 23 years in the solar industry

To date we have had a positive impact on the lives of more than 6000 Aussie families, that is $73 million dollars in potential future savings!

Soleira offers $0 upfront payment plans, zero obligation, free site review and roof placement plan, 100% accuracy guarantee, industry leading installation timelines, free personal consultant, optimal aesthetics, industry best warranties, flexible cancellation to help our customers make the right decision with complete peace of mind.

Soleira performs tailored assessments of the needs of each customer. This initial evaluation includes free site inspection, savings analysis, in-depth consultation for full understanding so you can make the right decision with confidence.

And now, why choose us?

We’re here to transform access to renewable energy

Years of experience in the energy industry, specifically in the solar field make us experts in the residential and commercial field. In other words, we can advise Aussie families and businesses and give them all the knowledge they need for a successful solar solution that will provide them with hassle free solar savings for decades.

We pride ourselves in providing a great customer service that is hassle free and designed to help you make the right decision with complete peace of mind.What sets us apart from our competitors is that our relationship continues with you, long after the installation.

Through our monitoring service, we will proactively contact you to ensure minimal down time so you can continue to enjoy energy savings, low electricity bills and reduced carbon footprint for decades.

Our business is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure that we provide the most reliable service throughout your solar journey. This includes before installation to ensure a hassle free experience that ensures you make a confident decision with complete peace of mind, during installation to ensure your installation is done in a timely manner and after-sales services for the life of your investment to ensure your investment continues to provide you with huge savings for decades. Our staff is very focused on providing a wow experience throughout your journey.

We offer ongoing training to our staff to make sure they are always at the top of their game. In other words, we guarantee that our solar specialists receive the latest and most up-to-date information about solar and industry changes.

We show you how solar works in your home or business and we are here to answer any questions. Many of our customers believe that our tailored solution has exceeded their expectations.

Impact on the community

From the beginning, Soleira has been involved with non-profit organisations and the community.

We strongly believe in keeping jobs in our local community while supporting local Aussie families and businesses and helping them save their hard earned money.