Switch to Solar

Own your solar system, pay $0 upfront, $0 out of pocket and start saving up to 90% off your electricity bill as soon as your system is activated.

Go Solar

We’re here to transform access to renewable energy

Solar for your home​

Are you looking for an environmentally-friendly, $0 upfront way to power your home? If you’re searching for a cost-saving solar energy system, get your free site review today!

Solar for your business​

Take control of your electricity spend with solar and storage. Stop paying the power company, instead invest your savings into your business by owning your power, allowing you to focus on growth. We specialise in SMEs.

Government Rebates

Federal and State Government Incentives across Australia have made it possible for solar to be affordable for almost any homeowner. With electricity rates rising annually, it's never been easier to make the switch and go renewable.

Optimiser Pack

Exclusive to Soleira customers. Using artificial intelligence, receive 24/7 monitoring, retailer recommendation for further savings, bill forecasting and an in-home device for complete control of your electricity usage

24/7 Live Monitoring

Monitor your home’s solar generation and energy use in real time. Avoid hefty bills by setting usage alerts. Receive automatic and easy to read reports of your home’s solar generation and energy use.

Predict your bill​

Don’t wait to receive your bill to know if solar is saving you money. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, our optimiser pack will learn how you use your solar and grid power and provide instant forecasts of your next power bill.​

Visually see your solar working for you​

It’s like having your own in-home energy personal trainer advising you on when to use your power. Our optimiser pack will flash green to let you know it’s a good time to use power or flash red to alert you to reduce your power usage.​

Be on the best energy plan

Never call an energy comparison company again.

With access to over 500 plans, our Optimiser pack will constantly scan the electricity market and recommend the best energy plan based on how you use your power in your home.

Guaranteed to save you an additional $500 over 3 years.